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Page history last edited by Ron Romero 8 years, 10 months ago


Austin Code Dojo has been meeting for about a year.  We do practice programs every week.  I'd like to learn about how other people practice programming, and get ideas for what we can do in our sessions.


Ways to practice:

  • "How to level up as a developer" by Jason Rudolf.  Discusses "Achievements" that developers can get for doing certain things.  This can be used as a list of things to practice.
  • Answering questions on stack overflow
  • Being a teacher is the best way to learn/grow.  Doing presentations/brown bags, user group meetings.
  • Integrate book learning by doing something related to what you're reading about.
  • Houston dot net group does kata's.
  • Claudio Lassala.  virtualbrownbag.com
  • Dojo's can be unsatifying because:
    • group think
    • being in front of everyone is hard to think.
    • Not knowing the language
  • Practice can give us an opportunity to start a project from scratch.  How often do we get to start a program from scratch?
  • "When we have too much duplication, we split the project in half and treat them as external dependancies as an external library we can use.  Extrenal libraries need tests, examples, and documentation.  But it's an exhorborant price if you're a start up."
  • Coming to Pablos Fiesta.  Code Camps. Google developer conferences.
  • In 2 weeks in Houston there's tech fest.  it's like a big code camp.  HoustonTechFest.com  Free.
  • Dog food your work.
  • Competitions (many in Javascript).
  • Learn from a mentor.
  • In Dallas, beginning of Novermber (I think).  Code Camp to write code for non-profits.
  • Private instruction like musicians?  Would that make sense in our industry?
  • Working on Open source.


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